Professional model Tiffany Habib is not only the founder of P!nkElite, but  is recognized both Nationally and Internationally in the modeling world from promotions and trade shows, all the way to print publications and magazines as prestige as Playboy’s TSJ & MAXIM UK. Being a free-lanced model her entire career, she knows the importance of networking, promotion, and more importantly dedication and a true passion for the art. Without these qualities, Tiffany would never have achieved and completed successfully her goals on her own.

The TIFFANYHABIB.COM Model Workshops welcome models of all levels, ages and genres— the models are treated to a full blown professional photo shoot (Photographers vary per event) with hair & make-up artists on set to assure the girls are camera ready! A seminar with advice on modeling, promotions, and basic marketing skills is also presented per request — with image review, one on one Q&A session with Tiffany and personal guidance on posing as well as the industry.

Both novice and experienced models (of all ages, ethnicity, shapes and sizes) are invited & have benefited from Tiffany’s experience and knowledge. Many girls who have attended the TIFFANYHABIB.COM   Model Workshops have went on to be published in national magazines, worked promotions for large companies such as Harley Davidson & Nascar (to name a few), & have become promotional models for P!nkElite, etc. The model workshops serve not only as a foundation to help build a model’s knowledge of the industry, and a portfolio, but also serves as a prerequisite for being a P!nkElite Model.

The workshops are mainly directed towards girls/women who are interested in a career in modeling, but are not limited to just so. The workshops help build self-confidence, motivation and a complete understanding of the modeling industry. If it’s just the beautiful images you’re looking for—skip the seminar, come to the shoot!

The workshops are held several times throughout the year and are always advertised in advance with details on pricing, the photographer, & general location, etc.

Check back to this page, as well as TIFFANYHABIB.COM  for dates and information on the next workshop COMING SOON! Limited spots are always available per workshop, so a 50% deposit is always required to hold your spot.


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